Located on a clayey-calcareous slope along the Gironde, Château Gontier is one of the oldest vineyards of Blaye area.
The mansión has been destroyed by American air raid in 1944. Today, it is still on renovation. Since the early 2000, the
vineyard has been restored and now we cultívate typical grape varieties.

Château Gontier is fine with light spicy notes and well-balanced tanin. That combination makes the connoisseur keep this wine for years.

It goes perfectly with red meats, games and strong cheeses.

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Appellation Blaye – Côtes de Bordeaux
Superficie / Densité 5 hectares
Nature du sol Clayer-calcareous soil
Production /Rendement 250 hectoliters on average / 35000 bottles
between 48 et 54 hl/ha
Encépagement Merlot : 70{78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27}
Cabernet Sauvignon : 30 {78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27}
Vinification Traditional with fermentation time during 2 to 3 weeks .
Élevage 50{78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27} in tanks, 50{78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27} in barrels .
Distribution 70 {78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27} Bordeaux wine merchants
30 {78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27} export


Château Gontier 2012 : Médaille d’Argent – Concours de Paris 2014
Médaille d’Argent – Concours Féminalise 2014
Château Gontier 2014 : Médaille d’Argent – Concours Féminalise 2015
Château Gontier 2015 : Médaille d’Argent – Concours Féminalise 2016
Médaille d’Argent – Concours de Bordeaux 2016
Prix d’excellence – Concours des Vinalies Nationale 2016
Château Gontier 2017 : Médaille de Bronze – Concours Macon 2018
Prix des Vinalies – Vinalies Nationales 2018

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