Dumenil Nature GB


Appellation Control AOC Champagne
Estate name Champagne DUMENIL – France
Geographical location 1er Cru Montagne de Reims :
Chigny-les-Roses exclusivelly
Soil composition Deep chalk and clay
Harvesting method Manual
Grape varieties 40 {78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27} Pinot Meunier 1er Cru
40 {78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27} Pinot Noir 1er Cru
20 {78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27} Chardonnay 1er Cru
Average age of wines 30 -35 years
Ageing process 5 years on yeasts
Total production 2000 bottles
Vineyard approach Certified High-environnemental Value Level 3
Certified Substainable viticulture
Natural grassing – Soil plowing- No insecticide
Wine making process First press only.
Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation (18°)
Steel tanks to respect the elegance of the 1er terroir
and to keep freshness.
Selections of parcels with clay creating wines naturelly
rich, round and with fruity flavors.
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Tasting notes Eye : Brillant gold and tiny bubbles.
Nose : Pineapple, apricots and vine peaches.
Mouth : A pleasant freshness driven by notes of cooked
yellow fruits (apples and pears)
Final : The freshness persists right through to the finish
where it is complemented by an agreeable breadth and depth.
Food – Wine pairing Oysters – Sushis
Aging potential 5 years
Alcoholic content 12 {78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27}
Dosage Zero Dosage – No sugar added.
EAN Code 3760242500115


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