Château Eyquem


Located in the Côtes de Bourg, on the right bank of the Gironde, the vines were first planted here by the Romans. The prestigious 17th century manor house, Château Eyquem, was once the home of Louis d’Eyquem, a relative of the famous philosopher, Michel Eyquem de Montaigne.

The Château has a magnificent panoramic view of the Gironde estuary where the Dordogne and the Garonne rivers meet. The vineyard has a fine clay-limestone soil and temperate microclimate thanks to the nearby rivers. Owners since the 20th century, we have refurbished the Château and expanded the vineyard. In keeping with our respect to the environment, vines at Château Eyquem are grown according to the precepts of sustainable viticulture.


With cellars located in a former quarry, this estate has a first class vineyard producing a well-structured and refined wine. It has a fine ruby-red color and a powerful bouquet with hints of violet and many of the characteristics of a great wine. Château Eyquem has very good ageing potential and is always very much appreciated by connoisseurs.


Thanks to the diversity and the complexity of its aromas, Château Eyquem goes perfectly with red meat, either grilled or marinated, as well as fish with a strong flavour and cheeses. Château Eyquem is also amazing served with Asian food.

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Appellation Côtes de Bourg
Surface/Density 31 hectares / 6 000 pieds/ha
Type of soil Clayey-calcareous over subsoil clayey and stony
Production/Yield 1 300 hectoliter on average / between 50 and 55 hl/ha
Grape varieties 60 {78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27} : Merlot
30 {78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27} : Cabernet Sauvignon
10 {78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27} : Malbec
Vinification Traditional with fermentation time during 3 to 4 weeks checking of temperature during fermentation hot maceration at the end of the fermentation process.
Ageing 6 months in tanks, then 12 to 14 months ageing in oak barrels before bottling.
Distribution 80 {78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27} general public customers from Normandy, visited for the last 5 generations
15 {78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27} Bordeaux wine merchants
5 {78806d66321ec73a23f90cd94c05bcdbb1df89a4a24fdced169f23aab7da0b27} export


Château Eyquem 2011 : Bronze Medal – Concours Féminalise 2012
Bronze Medal – Concours Vinalies Nationales 2012
Château Eyquem 2012 : Silver Medal – Concours de Mâcon 2013
Bronze Medal – Concours Vinalies Nationales 2013
Mention «Vin Réussi» – Guide Hachette des Vins 2016
Château Eyquem 2013 : Gold Medal – Concours de Bordeaux 2014
Château Eyquem 2014 : Bronze Medal – Féminalise Beaune 2015
Prize of excellence – Vinalies Nationales 2015
Château Eyquem 2015 : Bronze Medal – Concours de Mâcon 2016

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